Melbourne Birthday Photographer

Melbourne Birthday Photography

Why you should consider a Birthday Party Photographer?

There is so much to do at an event and you are likely already wearing many hats. Your hard efforts deserve to be immortalised and those special moments deserve to be captured on photos. The opportunity to photograph happy moments with so many family and friends in a professional way do not come along every day. Many clients say they get as much if not more joy from reviewing those precious moments captured during a party, than the often frantic event itself.

Event Photographer in Melbourne

I am available for a variety of different types of event in and around Melbourne, some of my favourite moments as a Melbourne event photographer have been providing birthday party photography. There is only ever one opportunity to capture a childs 1st birthday and I find there are few greater honours than being selected as a 1st birthday photographer. If you searched for a photographer for 1st birthday party and need milestone photography opportunities captured then I am available for your event wherever in Melbourne it might be.

So your looking for a birthday photographers in Melbourne?

Birthday celebrations offer a truly unique opportunity for capturing memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Birthdays are only rivalled by Weddings for a truly high value photo shoot. The opportunity to capture so many people at one time only occurs at a few occasions. Birthdays offer the chance to catch the family and friends in a far more informal and intimate setting than you would have at an event such as a wedding. Capitalise on the opportunity to capture beautiful memories forever.

Teens, Toddler & 1st Birthday Photographer Melbourne

Whether it is a 1st birthday photographer for a toddlers birthday or a Melbourne teen birthday photographer, or for that matter for an upcoming 60th and everything in between then get in touch to learn how I can create arresting images that will prove to be visual focal points and allow you to reminisce and share with those not able to be present. If a photographer for a Melbourne party is what your after, and you want treasured moments captured professionally and presented with beauty then I would be honoured to be selected.

Melbourne Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for birthday party ideas in Melbourne then you should probably consider some of our birthday party photography packages. There are a variety of options available a popular option with toddlers and teens alike include a "photo shoot birthday party". With all guests that attend getting a digital copy of a photograph or two (we suggest one of the Group and a Solo shot, but this can be discussed). The Melbourne Photo Shoot Birthday Party can be the theme and focus of your birthday, it is a very cost effective way to have a party at home or in the park, foregoing many of the usual expenses with the focus on the Photo Shoot.

Melbourne Birthday Photography


40th Milestone Birthday Photography


1st  Birthday Photographer


Best Quality Birthday Photography in Melbourne


Kids Birthday Photography


Birthday Photography in Melbourne

Are you too busy with your host duties to be able to take professional photos of a birthday celebration? The team at Nichani Photography offer the best birthday photography services in Melbourne. We specialise in all occasions and are at the ready to provide memorable and quality images of your birthday party.


Kids Birthdays

Children love themes. Whether it’s a superhero or a fancy dress party, there are plenty of opportunities to amazing birthday photography in Melbourne. And then there’s the cake! We know precisely what makes for an incredible birthday party which is why we work with you to produce exceptional quality photos. For more information, contact us

16th, 18th and 21st Events

Have you organised a small house party or a night on the town? Perhaps, you’ve gone all out and hired an elaborate venue complete with tasty catering and loud music. Whatever you’re planning, Nichani Photography has the equipment and the experience to snap the best photos to remember your birthday celebrations.


30th and Beyond

There is no limit to our creativity. We will always find interesting and exciting ways to take photos of you and your friends and family enjoying the birthday festivities. You want the best birthday photography in Melbourne and we can deliver.

 Hire Our Professional Photographers in Melbourne

We like to use photos as a way of telling your story. Rather than position guests and other people in awkward, unnatural poses, the team at Nichani Photography capture memorable photos that are genuine and real. Our experienced photographers are able to work their magic without disrupting or interfering with the natural flow of your event.


In addition to organising family portraits and cake smash photos shoots in Melbourne, our professional photography services also include:

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Birthday photography in Melbourne is an art. We know how to make you and your friends and family shine. Call us today.

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