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Every Bride deserves the best wedding day they can ever imagine. We at Nichani Photography are passionate about celebrating your love on your wedding day. Your love story is unique so we try to capture your wedding and pre-wedding photos in a way that reflects your personality. We don't don't just take pictures on the day but also help you relax, smile and capture photos in the best possible way on your Wedding Day.

We believe you will forever cherish the pictures from the day long after the day has passed and these pictures will serve you the best memories forever.

Our Consultation Process

We like to begin with a consultation meeting to guide you through the process so we know what kind of wedding style photos your like and how we can capture them. We believe it is important to meet with the wedding couple so we can understand their needs and aim our photography service to deliver on their expectations.

In our meeting we will take you through some of our previous work so you know the quality of photograph you may get for your wedding. Based on your style and requirements we will then also explain how we plan to capture the wedding or pre-wedding photos and then provide you with a custom quote for your wedding photography project.

Wedding Day Photography

We would love to shoot your preparation for the day right from the time you start getting ready get photos of your small details like your shoes, jewellery, make-up, accessories and of coiurse your wedding dress. We would also love to shoot some pictures with the couples parents, bridesmaids and grooms friends.

We then move over to the venue and take pictures of small details and all the big moments of the ceremony. Capture guests reaction, parents emotions and the couple exchanging vows too. There is always a lot happening at this time so we like to be prepared with couple cameras and lens ready to capture every moment of the ceremony. We then also capture reception, dances, speeches and all the other important events of the days.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Nowadays Pre-Wedding Photography has become a very important part of Wedding Photograhy. Tradionally the wedding couple used have a pre-wedding photography session just before the wedding but because our lovely city of Melbourne is gifted with many beautiful scenic locations all around couples are now prefer to do a pre-wedding photography session on a day or two before the wedding day. In some cases couples also prefer to do it a day or two after the wedding day when they've had a chance to unwind and relax after the wedding.

We take pride in choreographing and shooting couple's pre-wedding and post-wedding photos. This can be organised as per your schedule on any previous day, or on the wedding day or event after the wedding day. There are many options available to shoot couple photo for pre-wedding or on wedding day. We can shoot at any location in Melbourne and also at the wedding venue. Most popular pre-wedding destinations in Melbourne include Southbank, Victoria Barracks, Botanic Gardens, Hosier Lane, Brighton Beach and Docklands amongst many others.

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